Building a digital presence is an important part of growing your business and reaching more potential customers. Many business owners understand the growing importance of building a website and social media marketing to promote their online presence in this digital world.

Maintaining and building your website is not so easy for small businesses. Small businesses use free web hosting platforms to host their websites, which are not secure and reliable hosting solutions. An unreliable web hosting service can affect your website’s performance, negatively impacting your customer’s experience and SEO rankings.

 Linux Hosting solutions, especially Shared Linux Hosting, are reliable and affordable hosting solutions for new as well as small business websites. Additionally, social media marketing such as Facebook promotion can be an effective and affordable means to promote your online business. The social media platform has introduced new and enhanced features and Facebook updates in the past few years, which can help in promoting your website.

But does this mean you abandon your business website and move to social media marketing altogether? Let us discuss this in the article.

Facebook Page vs Website: What to Choose for Business Promotion?

Just because Facebook promotion is efficient, it does not mean websites will become obsolete in the near future. On the contrary, websites help have a central hub for all of your business’s products and services for your customers.

You must optimize your Shared Hosting website to reach potential growth and success.

We shall discuss why websites are crucial for your business as opposed to social media marketing, such as having a Facebook page.

1. Comparatively less competition

Facebook has fierce and strong competition. More content is created than consumed by customers on this platform. As a result, the average engagement rate on a Facebook post is dropping dramatically with each passing year.

On the contrary, your website has the undivided attention of your customers once they land on your web page. Yes, you will have to work on its optimization to gain organic traffic, but once you achieve it, your website experiences exponential growth.

This doesn’t make Facebook an inefficient marketing platform, but it is not something you should completely rely on 100%.

2.   More control of your brand experience

With your website, you have complete control over the brand’s experience you want to provide to your customers. With a well-designed website, you can provide valuable information and help them understand your product’s USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) more efficiently and effectively.

Facebook allows you to customize your business page, but the features are limited, and you cannot have complete control over the customer’s experience. With a website, you can offer an engaging and clear story of your products and services, making it difficult to achieve with Facebook’s changing algorithms.

3.  You own your website’s leads

There is no substitute when it comes to capturing your prospective customers’ email addresses. Email provides the highest ROI (Return on Investment) for new-age marketers. With newsletters and other measures, you can deliver and spread the right marketing message to your customers feasibly.

Facebook can be an efficient platform to earn potential prospects, but it does not provide the means to complete the sales cycle. With Facebook, you can motivate your prospects to navigate to your website to have a complete view and understanding of your business and its products and services.

Summing Up

There is no one perfect platform to achieve a perfect marketing strategy. Leveraging Facebook to earn prospects is an effective marketing tool, but a website offers a much powerful brand control, lead nurturing, and user personalization features.

If you are an entrepreneur and recently launched your startup, you must build a website with affordable Shared Linux Web Hosting solutions to promote your business. Therefore, we recommend you to choose reliable and cost-efficient web hosting Linux and Shared Hosting plans for your businesses and new website.