Are you planning to launch a brand and worried about your company’s logo? Stop worrying and read this blog post to find out which type of logo can be the best fit for your business. If you are eyeing the services of a credible logo design agency to get a professional and unique logo for your brand, it’s a great idea as relying on a DIY logo maker or your designer friend can be risky and get failed to develop a robust brand identity.

There is no denying that the logo is the company’s face and makes people remember your brand. There are seven types of logos, and usually, all of them are a mixture of text and visuals (images, symbols, etc.). However, each type has its specifications and design strategy. The breakdown of logos into different categories helps business owners decide when it comes to selecting logo design.

When you meet a designer associated with a top-notch logo design agency, he or she will first ask about your business, like what do you sell, and then guide you about design and suggest the logotype that suits your business. Let’s jump into the pool of different types of logos.

The Abstract

The abstract is one of the most impressive types of logos. It allows you to bring something unique, amazing, and curious. All you need to know is how to use geometrical shapes and spaces creatively. With the abstract design, you can cleverly and effectively convey your brand’s message to the masses. It depends on the designers’ creativity level and how they can play with the abstract geometric shape. A creative mind can do magic and make a mark with an extraordinary design.

The Emblem

The best way to showcase your brand’s origin, personality, or message through a logo is to use the emblem. It is the logotype in which the company name is included in the designed symbol or icon. Starbucks, BMW, and Harley Davidson, are a few most popular brands that have emblem logos. The non-government organizations (NGOs), schools, government organizations, and auto industry usually prefer the emblem logos. Over time, the companies have modernized their emblem logos, making them more effective than ever before. However, to get the best emblem logo, team up with the creative logo design agency.

The Combination

As the name suggests, the combination mark logo is the mix of text and image or symbol that excellently represent the brand and give the audience idea about the business. You can merge text and image or use them side by side, or place them on top of each other, depends on what suits your brand best. If you want to do something versatile, a combination mark will be the best option to go with.

The Mascot

When we say mascot logo, it means a human, animal, cartoon character, or object representing the brand. Any professional logo design agency can create the illustrated characters for your brand in a way that builds a unique identity. Mascot plays the role of your brand ambassador, so it’s essential to get the best mascot logo designers’ services. The mascot is the most emotional type among all as people connect more with characters. However, it’s important to keep in mind your target audience while designing a mascot.

The Pictorial

When you use an image, symbol, or icon to represent your brand, it’s called a pictorial logo. It’s usually the graphic-based design. It’s the image that comes to mind when you hear the brand’s name. Apple, Nike, Target, Twitter’s logos are the best examples of pictorial design. These brands’ logos are so well-designed that anyone can recognize them with a quick look at their logos. It will be risky for new brands to go with this logotype as it only contains an image. You must work on brand awareness if you want a pictorial logo for your business.

The Wordmark

Unlike pictorial, the wordmark logos are purely text-based. This type of logo focuses on the company’s name. These are the best when your brand’s name is unique and out-of-the-box. You need to be creative with your name and come up with something catchy and memorable if you want to go with a watermark. To get the best wordmark for your business, you need to take assistance from experienced creative writers along with a trustworthy logo design agency. Have a unique name in mind? Great! Connect with the top-notch designer as you need someone who knows how to create the best font and color combination for your brand’s name. Coca-Cola, Google, FedEx, CNN, and Calvin Klein are the best examples of wordmark logos.

The Lettermark

A lettermark logo, also known as monograms, is also like wordmarks. The primary difference between the two is lettermark logo comprises the brand name’s initials only. There are many iconic monogram examples out there, including HBO, LG, and HP.