Occasionally, it’s going through your mind to create a fake Facebook, to get to know someone or a comment that you are interested in a publication or for a specific project you have in mind. So, next, we are going to give you some information that you can implement to create a fake Facebook.

What is fake information?

False information on social media is an account created to meet the interests of a person or company. Wherever they go through this account, they can express negative or positive opinions about a person, product, or company.

Disadvantages of artificial foam

We can talk about some of the disadvantages of creating fake accounts on Facebook. So we will tell you below:

While we are talking about false accounts, the information we find in them does not reflect reality, because we can create such information at our convenience.

The account figures will be conflicting because the information we will find in it will be positive and maybe we will not see the reality of the product or company.

Creating a fake account can lead to a lack of trust in the company or the people who use it.

As soon as users realize that the account they are following is invalid, they will often abandon it because they feel it has been created.


To achieve a fake Facebook profile we need to do the following:

Create a fake e-mail account

To create a fake email account we need to do this:

You must select any free email service and select where it says Create Account.

You will then fill in all the required queries on the page, such as first name, username, date of birth, among others, remembering that all the information you enter must be incorrect.

You will then be prompted to create an account on any free email platform and accept.

Follow the instructions there to create your email, to verify that you created them correctly, test by sending your email to another email.

Creating a fake Facebook profile

We will explain to you below, in detail what you need to do for you to successfully create a fake account:

You need to create a mental image of what your new profile will look like, with the name, gender, and date of birth of this fake profile.

Then you have to log in to the Facebook page.

You must fill in all the blanks on the main Facebook page, where you will write the name of your hypothetical character, your email you created in the previous step.

The next step is to set a password for this fake account and answer the gender and date boxes to get all the information about this character you created.

Next, we click Register.

We then have to comply with the requirements of the security checklist, in which we will write the words in the text and then click Register.

The option will be displayed on the screen if you want to add your profile to Facebook and in that case, you will jump.

We will now fill in the educational information about the character and if he works where he works, after completing this information we will save him and move on. This step can also be skipped by jumping.

Next, we need to place the image of the fake character we created, by clicking on the image uploaded or photographed.

Then we have to click on your email, which we have to have a Facebook welcome email sent to that email and then you have to click on start to return to Facebook.

Next, we need to click on the profile at the top of Facebook and you will click on the edit profile, under the name of your fake font.

Then they ask us to fill in all the information related to the background, education, job and activities, and interests. And then we will press enter the changelog.

Now Buy Facebook Followers UK need to click on the account at the top of Facebook to update our account settings and security settings for this profile.

Now if you can use the fake profile you created.

Tips for creating a fake Facebook account

At this time we must decide to create a fake account on Facebook. Consider some of the aspects we will discuss below:

When creating a feature email, it’s important that nothing has to do with you.

You need to find information that you can put on your wall, to make the account more credible.

Find images that you can add to your account, without having to search for them in popular fonts.

It is important that you can add contacts to make your account more reliable. With the motivation of trying to cross over to otters.

To complete this interesting article on how to create a fake Facebook is this type of account makes people credible because they lose credibility and take into account that users do not contribute well to the network community said. Society. Therefore, creating some fake software has many disadvantages that you cannot put out, but, the decision to create a fake Facebook is entirely yours.

Similarly, these accounts on Facebook, especially the user protection system are easy, because, by defining itself as a useless risk, taking into account that they are being used by unscrupulous people, Facebook acts quickly to protect its users.