Website security is vital for your business’s growth, credibility, and reliability. Therefore, a reliable web hosting provider offers security measures with the web hosting service plan to their customers to protect the websites from malware, hackers, and other security breaches.

There are several security measures, such as SSL certificates, firewalls, and more. One such measure is installing the SiteLock security application.

SiteLock website security is a comprehensive website scanning and security tool that blocks attacks, detects and removes malware and malicious codes, and protects websites against several other online threats.

SiteLock is especially beneficial for small and medium-sized business owners who perform several day-to-day business tasks and work on growing their website. Having such a website security tool, they can focus on other aspects of their business; rest assured that their website is protected at all times.

Benefits of SiteLock Security for keeping a website safe

With the rise of attacks and cyber threats, businesses and website owners are concerned about their website’s safety and its data privacy. Hence, here are the benefits SiteLock security provides to websites to keep their data safe:

1.  Daily website scanning and monitoring

SiteLock offers a website security scan service and monitors your website for the presence of any malware or malicious software injected within your website. Malware is injected to steal your website’s data and information like financial transactions details, modify website files and more, which affect your website’s growth and credibility.

Therefore, a SiteLock prevents such malware activities to a great extent, keeping your website safe and well-functioning.

2.   Enhances your website’s SEO performance

Google prefers websites that are secure and incorporate security features such as SSL certificates, SiteLock and rank them at a higher SERP (Search Engine Results Page) position on the search engine. This preference and higher SERP ranking significantly boost a website’s SEO and increase its reach and visibility.

In addition, websites that consist of more malware injection vulnerable points, Google pushes them down the SERP ranking or even blacklist them. Therefore, installing the SiteLock tool for your website is very critical.

3. Checks business validity and offers comprehensive authentication

SiteLock authenticates and verifies all the emails, phone numbers, and addresses of your website. This makes your business website more credible to your customers, ensuring the right ownership of the details and a reliable point of contact.

4.   Notifies malicious activity

One of the worst cases with certain cybersecurity measures is you do not even know when the attacks happen, and a lot of data gets stolen unnoticed. In certain situations, website owners are unaware of the data breaches for years.

SiteLock, in contrast, instantly notifies such cases, such as file modifications from an untrusted device or hacking activities. Along with preventing such activities, SiteLock informs and notifies website owners about a small change and provides a list of all the changes that were made.

Summing Up

Cyber attacks and hacking activities are on the rise, making it important to incorporate robust security measures to protect your website’s data and customer information. Preventing malware injections and removing them promptly is critical. The benefits of SiteLock Website Security extend to not only website protection but also the website’s SEO, performance, and business credibility.