The transition to online teaching has put pressure on teachers and students alike to face challenges that come with remote teaching. From not having access to the right tools to losing internet midway, online teaching isn’t as easy as one deems it to be. However, thanks to technological advancements in today’s time, we now have access to hundreds of digital tools that are made to simplify online teaching, encourage collaboration, enhance communication between students and teachers, and improve academic establishments.

Listed below are some of the most popular digital tools every teacher should use in 2021:


Who said learning has to be plain and boring? Learning can be fun when you make it fun! As a teacher, you may have concerns regarding your students’ attention span. Keeping them interested is a challenge but with Kahoot! on your side, you don’t have to worry about anything. This game-based platform allows you to teach through video games!

You can also introduce new topics, review tests, host games through videoconferences and create interactive presentations to encourage distance learning! You can also gather student feedback and class progress through game report analytics.


Without proper communication in place, you cannot accomplish a successful teaching session. This is where Zoom comes into play. It’s a popular communication platform that enables you to connect and communicate with more students through audio calls, video conferences, live chats, virtual rooms, and much more. All you need is a working microphone, a web camera, a good internet connection, preferably internet by Spectrum gold package,and a laptop!


Finding relevant information on the biggest information portal aka the internet isn’t easy. This is why eduClipper is popular amongst the teaching community. This platform helps you gather educational media on the internet and share it within your network, organize content for classrooms and improve research accordingly.

With eduClipper, you can also build your own lesson plan and use hundreds of clips found on the platform to make learning more fun!


Online whiteboards have become quite popular ever since distance learning was introduced. They are quite helpful in emulating the actual classroom experience. Creately is a trusted online whiteboard platform that helps you visualize information in different forms. Whether it’s a graph you wish to make or a complicated diagram, Creately’s features and tools help you visualize your concept and ideas easily.

Google Calendar

Staying organized is key for perfect remote teaching. Working from home is stressful and a proper routing can maximize your productivity, which is why Google Calendar is about to become your most valuable teaching asset. This flexible work planning platform is used to manage time and streamline your class schedules and appointments in a way, so you’re never double-booked in a single slot.

It also sends invitations, notifies every one of important dates and times, and aids in content creation for classrooms.


From lesson plans to question papers and answer sheets, there are several documents teachers have to take care of regularly. Dropbox is a storage box where you can manage, store and organize all your documents from a single location. By storing all important files in one place, your students can also access them from anywhere as long as they have the link and permission to access them.

Google Forms

Making quizzes for online classes has become so much easier now, thanks to Google forms. Keeping track of your student’s performance and maintaining record is important and with Google Forms, you can create online quizzes, share them with your students, track their scores and share the results in the end.

The bottom line

Most of these tools are free of cost. Remote learning tools are all the rage right now. Find the ones that fit your teaching objectives the best and use them!