What else can be the best option to earn without investing a single penny into your new business?

Yes, you read that right!

You can certainly earn from tricks and tacts without spending any money over the vast ocean called the internet.

The internet and digital marketing have proved to be the source of bread and butter for an enormous population globally.

If you dive into the ocean called the internet, you’ll explore various ways in which you can earn money. But, all you need to have is patience and consistency throughout the process.

Taking the curtains off to earning over the internet, the answer is affiliate marketing.

Being an affiliate of any business or company can let you earn money without investing any capital.

Let us see how you can earn through affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Gist:

Affiliate marketing is a marketing strategy used over the digital marketing platform. Affiliate marketing enables you to advertise or promote the goods, services and products of companies and businesses without even being part of it.

You being the promoter of the goods, services, and products of the company or business, are called the affiliate.

The company or business that produces the goods, services and products is called the merchant.

The one who buys the promoted goods, services, and products are called the consumer or customer.

How to be an Affiliate Marketer?

When you plan to be an affiliate marketer, choose the domain of products or services you would like to promote. Also, you do not need to have professional knowledge about the goods or services you’ll be promoting. But it is good to have a basic know-how about the goods and services you are promoting.

To be an affiliate marketer, once you select the domain of product and services, look for the companies’ websites that provide affiliate programs.

Sign in to the affiliate program by filling up details in the registration form. Once you sign in to the program, you receive a unique affiliate link that you post or share on your website and social media handles.

Working of Affiliate Marketing

To become an affiliate of any company or business, you must have your website. A website is required to promote the affiliate link. You can also post the affiliate link on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.

How do You Earn Money Being an Affiliate?  

There are three ways you can earn being an affiliate:

The majority of affiliate services depend on a pay-per-sale type. An affiliate receives a fee on sales made through the unique link in pay-per-sale. You either get a fixed amount of commission or on a percentage basis, depending upon the company.

Pay-per-lead is the other method you can earn money by being an affiliate.

An affiliate receives a commission whenever a lead is generated by filling out a form or subscribing to a product or service through the affiliate link.

The last choice is pay-per-click advertising.

An affiliate receives a fixed or percentage payment when a customer visits the merchant site through the affiliate link.

Channels to Be an Affiliate

  • Blogging site
  • Influencer
  • Email marketing
  • Websites with traffic
  • Social media handles

Finding a Suitable Affiliate Program

Affiliate services are available on a variety of business websites. You can go to the websites and search for affiliate programs that are relevant to your niche. Large companies, such as MilesWeb, provide free affiliate programs.

Before you start being an affiliate marketer, make sure you read the terms and conditions of the services. 


MilesWeb is an organization that offers web hosting services all over the world. The business began in 2012 with the aim of providing the best web hosting and customer service. The company’s affiliate marketing policies and incentives are well-known.

You don’t need any previous knowledge of affiliate marketing to launch an affiliate marketing campaign with MilesWeb. Begin by registering for the affiliate program, which is completely free. For marketing, use affiliate links on your blogs, websites, and social media pages. Profit from any transaction.

To date, MilesWeb has over 3,253 active affiliates. The referral commission for shared hosting is ₹500, ₹1000 for resellers, and ₹2500 for VPS.

The company offers affiliate links on more than 70 plans, giving you plenty of opportunities to earn money through affiliate marketing.

MilesWeb’s commission ranges from ₹200 to ₹20,000.  

Advantages of Being an Affiliate of MilesWeb

No registration fees: The MilesWeb hosting affiliate program is free to join, and anyone from any domain may strive. Joining the affiliate program is free.

Sign-up bonus: When you sign up for MilesWeb’s affiliate program, you receive a bonus of ₹1,000 in your affiliate account from MilesWeb.

Best commission: MilesWeb provides the highest commission that ranges from ₹200 to ₹2,000 and is annual.

Short withholding period: A month after the service is sold through the link, the commission is processed.

Simple payout: If your account balance hits ₹2,000, the company sends the money to your bank account through NEFT or PayPal.

MilesWeb creates eye-catching banners for clients’ websites.

To sum it all:

With MilesWeb, you also get 24/7 affiliate support. The company has dedicated experts to guide you regarding affiliate programs. The company also provides you informative videos related to affiliate and web hosting. Aside from all, MilesWeb offers you the option of selecting any product from a wide range of options.