In recent years, the indoor led display has shown significantly improved maturity. The most noticeable advantage of an indoor LED display is its high brightness. Compared with traditional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlight technology, the LED backlight can achieve more than 50% brightness improvement.

In addition, because of their strong light output and low power consumption, LED displays are much brighter than LCDs or plasma screens under ambient light conditions.

You may also need less attention from maintenance staff than other technologies because LEDs have no moving parts or bulbs that could break easily. Besides these features, the technology allows you to design an ultra-thin screen that doesn’t require much space!

Less power consumption and less heat emission

Regarding energy efficiency, LEDs are on top of the game. Compared to LCDs, LEDs use less power and give off significantly less heat.

LEDs are more efficient than other display technologies:

They use less power than LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays) because they don’t need a backlight like LCDs doasbacklight adds additional lighting fixtures and increases your overall electricity bill by increasing the electricity demand. Also, LEDs require less light output per square inch of surface area compared to an equivalent size LCD panel due to its faster response time which reduces the amount of lighting needed in an LED display panel itself as well as how much ambient light needs to be reflected back into it to its high contrast ratio (the difference between total black & total white).

Anti-theft Cables

Anti-theft cables are an essential part of the security system. These cables are made from steel wire, which is very hard to cut. The cable has a unique shape and is difficult to remove from the wall or ceiling. A thief must use special tools like a grinder to remove it, but with this, they also make noise while cutting, which will draw the attention of passersby and can be heard by residents in nearby apartments or offices.

Slim and lightweight to move and install

The small and ligsmallight design of indoor LED displays makes them easy to carry and scary. It’s also straightforward to set up, as there’s no need for a high-voltage power supply or cooling system. The display’s high brightness makes it ideal for use in places with lots of sunlight, such as exhibitions and conferences.

Indoor LED displays are used extensively in advertising, exhibitions, signage, and many other applications.

Multi-color pixel pitch options(P2.5/P3/P3.91/P4/P4.81/P5/P6)

Pixel Pitch is the distance between pixels of a display panel, and it determines the size of the smallest full red, green, or blue sub-pixel elements in that panel determine the pixel pitch; the more pixels per inch (PPI) you’re getting on your display or light box; and the larger it is, then you’re getting more PPM (pixels per meter).

It’s important to note that the smaller your pixel pitch, the bet made quality you get out of thesefromigns.

High refresh rate, up to 1920Hz

A high refresh rate is an essential feature of indoor led displays. It means that the screen can show an image for about 0.5s continuously, which makes it look like a video instead of a static image. The best refresh rate for an indoor led display is 1920Hz (a little more than 20 frames per second), which means it can show an image for about 0.5s continuously with no flicker visible at an average viewing distance (about 15 feet). A higher refresh rate will also mean better picture quality, more vivid colors, and less eye strain because there’s less flickering light on your eyes.

Technical Support

We provide 24 hours technical support and a lifetime warranty. Our engineers are on hand to assist you with any issues.

We also provide free maintenance and training services to ensure your display operates at its utmost capacity.

It is the best choice for indoor led display!

Indoor-led displays can be used in various ways, including indoor digital signage and wayfinding.

The backlight technology of the led display is always more advanced than other electronic devices like plasma displays or LCD panels(liquid crystal displays).

They are ideal for high-quality graphics applications because they have better color reproduction than TFT-LCD panels and CRT monitors

To sum up

The above brief briefly introduces the most common features of indoor led displays. You can find more about this product on our website. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us!