Top career path for SAP FICO Professionals 

SAP is a software development company headquartered in Germany that specializes in designing ERP products for resource planning, financial management, customer relationship management, among other things.

SAP is the best ERP globally, and its reputation and demand are rising by the day. It offers you a plethora of career opportunities in its sector. While SAP has begun a series of HANA variants, ECC remains the base.

Companies in 180 countries currently use this company’s goods. Choose SAP FICO preparation as a once-in-a-lifetime prospect in today’s dynamic and ever-changing marketplace. It provides a diverse variety of career opportunities for accredited professionals.

As an SAP applicant, you should expect to be asked this question. It is one of the most often asked questions about a career in SAP FICO Online Training.

SAP FICO’s hierarchy points are growth-oriented. It provides you with a development framework that can help you advance throughout your career. Not just that, but it is still feasible. You can free to move from ECC to other SAP systems (such as HANA) anytime you like because they are interconnected with universal principles. This is why so many FICO Specialists switch to HANA after serving in ECC for a while and upgrading their skills and ability.

Many companies use the ECC Model and FICO for the operational aspect of their sales chain. As a result, a large number of FICO Consultants and end-users focus on installation and maintenance tasks. Not to mention, this is expanding daily. Businesses formerly operating on a non-ERP model are gradually transitioning to ERP Software to run their operations more effectively, successfully, and transparently. SAP is the most required ERP in the industrial sector since it is the world’s best ERP program.

When an organization implements SAP ERP, they often need FICO contractors to oversee their commercial and management functions. This generates a market for candidates like you who want to advance your career in SAP FICO.

Organizations do publish a large number of work openings on job websites regularly. And this is so for all. You can search the demand for SAP FICO consultants in India on many popular work pages.

It would help if you now understood how much demand and supply there is in this sector.

Key points to consider when seizing a job in SAP FICO:

  • It would help if you first learned the subject to get a job in SAP FICO. Please follow the advice of an excellent mentor.
  • Significantly, it will benefit you to prioritize having a decent and qualitative teacher over finding a training institute.
  • Create a to-do list if you intend to do something. This will motivate you to keep things in order, and you might even check to see how far you’ve come. 

There are several possibilities to consider before deciding on a payment plan for an SAP FICO consultant. There are few examples of situations:

  • Your qualifications and academic achievements.
  • Previous knowledge (if any) in the ERP or non-ERP domain is preferred.
  • How to behave during the interview.
  • The percentage of questions correctly answered in the discussion.
  • Some additional abilities you possess (that might captivate the company).
  • SAP Certification (if you own any).

These factors combine to determine an estimated salary; however, an SAP FICO consultant usually earns between 3.5 and 5 lacs per year.

Here are several high-profile career opportunities for accredited professionals. If you are taking this course or want to take it, you can look at the most common job opportunities provided by this training.

You can work as a Process Developer, SAP Functional Consultant, Project Leader, SAP FICO Consultant, SAP FICO Lead, SAP FI Consultant/SAP CO Consultant, Senior Finance Functional Consultant — SAP FICO/COPA Modules, SAP FICO Program Manager/SAP FICO Delivery Manager, SAP FICO Functional Consultant, SAP FICO Support Consultant, and so on.

SAP FICO consultant Roles and responsibilities :

  • Configuration of the SAP ERP system’s functional modules FI and CO.
  • Finance and Controlling (FI-CO) implementation in the SAP ERP database.
  • Solving daily problems by referring to FI and CO for assistance.
  • Integration of Material Management (MM), Production (P), Sales & Distribution (S&D), and other systems (SD).
  • End-user engagement is used to gather market requirements. 


Lastly, Yes, the SAP FICO job is still excellent and in high demand. It is much more beneficial if you have a background in accounting or finance. As a result, many FICO contractors and end-users serve on deployment and maintenance projects.

Businesses formerly operating on a non-ERP model are gradually transitioning to ERP Software to run their operations more effectively, successfully, and transparently.

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