The e-commerce giant Amazon revolutionized the way we all buy and sell products. With over 40 percent of online sales going through the site, it’s imperative that, as a seller, you understand how to navigate this marketplace. This article will explain four ways to increase your chances of getting sales and Amazon statistics.

To stay competitive in the e-commerce industry, retailers need to have insight into their competitors’ strategies.

What is Amazon?

It is a website that is one of the biggest online shopping portals in the world. It is one of the best websites to buy products at meager prices. If you think it’s just another website that offers different kinds of products at low prices, then you are wrong. Amazon offers low-priced items and unique products that can make your shopping experience memorable.

The Best Thing About Amazon:

Amazon is one of the only online shopping sites where customers can find almost all the unique products like mobile phones, laptops, and other electronics and clothes and accessories at much lower prices than other online shopping sites. The products which are listed on Amazon have received excellent customer feedback, and also they have high reviews. But there are plenty of sellers who are there to cheat buyers.

Types Of Sellers On Amazon

There are two sorts of sellers on Amazon. The first one is known as individual sellers, and the other one is Amazon FBA. Individual sellers are those who offer their items on Amazon. They need to pay for each item separately and get no commission on every sale.

Another type of seller is Amazon FBA sellers. These sellers are wholesale or drop shippers, and they sell products through third-party suppliers. FBA sellers get paid by Amazon when their suppliers ship the products to Amazon. They are also responsible for listing and managing the products. They get paid after Amazon has sold them. This way, sellers don’t need to pay for each product. Instead, they just need to pay for the products shipped to them.

How To Become A Seller On Amazon

To become a seller on Amazon, you need to set up an account on Amazon, go to the Sell on Amazon option on your dashboard, and create a listing. If you complete that process, you need to verify your account using a phone number or email address. After confirming your account, you can start selling products on Amazon.

Amazon Statistics

Here are some stats of Amazon, which are pretty exciting and informative. The stats provide information about sellers on Amazon, based on their sales, categories, number of listings, top sellers, etc.

What Are The Top Sellers On Amazon?

Based on sales, the most selling products on Amazon are mobile phones, TVs, computers, laptops, cameras, tablets, and so on.


A list of the categories where sellers rank highest in sales is available here. It includes items like clothing, footwear, and electronics.

Top Sellers:

These are the items where the top sellers sell more than any other product on Amazon. Here are some of the best sellers in the world.

Top Selling Products

This stat shows that the top-selling product is the Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB Space Grey. There are many other products which have sold more than this. The top 10 products that have sold the most on Amazon are listed here.

Several Listings:

The number of listings or the listings that a seller has is also essential. The more listings a seller has, the higher their sales will be, and it will become easier to rank in the top sellers on the Amazon list. The average number of listings for a seller is 2,000.


Amazon is the largest and most prevalent shopping website around the world. If you want to earn money by selling something on Amazon, you should start now. As mentioned above, you can either choose to become an individual seller or a wholesale seller. Wholesale sellers sell products that come from third-party suppliers.

They don’t need to pay for every item. On the other hand, individual sellers need to pay for each product. In the case of wholesale sellers, they get paid for each item when the suppliers ship the items to Amazon.