Emerging technological advancements are shaping the plumbing industry. Although piping flange standards and dimensions may remain unchanged, plumbing experiences need to use more advanced tools, mini-waterproof cameras, and Wi-Fi-enabled tablets to make services more accurate, faster, and accessible.

Adopting the use of these technological advancements is offering better services and, at the same time, reducing the costs of the utility. So if you are a plumber or own a plumbing company, the following are some of the technological advancements you may use:

1. Hands-Free Fixtures and Faucets

Common fixtures in many public restrooms are new motion sensor faucets. They are more sanitary and help to minimize the wastage of water. Many homeowners have started installing hands-free fixtures and faucets in their kitchens and bathrooms.

Another modern hands-free fixture becoming popular is a ‘do-not-touch’ toilet. Because toilets are great sources of bacteria and other contaminants, many consumers have started looking for ultra-toilet options that allow hands-free usage.

2. Software

Every day, plumbing businesses are opening up their doors to meet the growing demands. Millions of people go without water for days, and bursting pipes may mean that they have to vacate because of flooding. And without the right plumbing software Quick Books integration, organizations will not run effectively.

Most plumbers now depend on field-service software to meet their business’s everyday needs, including scheduling, financial/document management, and tracking, just to name a few.

3. Smart Irrigation

This is a kind of technological advancement that operates through digital devices. A good example of this can be wall panels connected to a mobile app.

With smart irrigation, people may use their smartphones to set up smart timers and control sprinklers. Users may even sync their systems with the weather forecast.

Plus, with smart irrigation, it will be simple to save both cash and time. So if you want a more convenient way to handle your yard, this system can be a great investment.

4. Tankless Water Heaters

Perhaps you are aware that people have been using tankless water hearts for quite some time now. But what you may not know is that these kinds of heaters first made their debut in the market through commercial installation.

Just a few years ago, these heaters became a permanent fixture in most homes. At times regarded as on-demand water heaters due to their capability of delivering hot water at any time, it has an anti-scald feature necessary to keep users safe.

5. Smart Pipe Systems

There are many smart home automation plumbing systems that you may buy right in the marketplace. All of them come with unique features, though they all focus on just one goal – to monitor the pressure of water.

With the system, plumbers will get alerts of the exact spots where there are leaks or breakages. Since it can eliminate guesswork, homeowners and plumbers can solve the problem immediately.

In a Nutshell!

Professionals in the plumbing sector are usually faced with the great challenge of using new advancements. Although the standards and dimensions of plumbing flanges will not change, a vast of plumbing solutions should be revised.

But the likes of smart pipe systems, plumbing business software and tankless water heaters remain effective, shaping the entire industry.