The release of the new 100Ah lithium-ion battery module. It is a high-capacity, high-energy-density battery used in telecommunications towers, rail vehicles, and other transportation applications. The company also offers a three-year warranty and complete replacement within 24 hours of failure.

In addition to providing a three-year warranty and comprehensive replacement service within 24 hours after a malfunction, one of the most significant benefits of the 100Ah lithium-ion battery module is its ability to store a large amount of electricity while maintaining a small footprint. For example, it can replace the three commonly used 18Ah batteries in telecommunications towers. This means that the ground requires less space, and antennas or other devices require more space.

Lightweight, durable, and cost-effective!

It uses high-energy density lithium-ion cells that are lightweight and durable. Lithium-ion batteries have a much higher energy density than other batteries, which can store more power in less space. Suitable for mobile devices such as electric cars or smartphones, they take up less space while providing enough passion for long-distance travel. The materials used in these batteries also make them more durable than other rechargeable batteries. They don’t break down as quickly over time as lead-acid or nickel-cadmium batteries.

Last but not least: lithium-ion batteries are very cost-effective! This type of rechargeable battery has become very popular due to its high energy density, durability, and low maintenance requirements, so why not try something new, unlike other options?

A new 100 Ah lithium-ion battery module is now available for electric vehicles!

A new 100 Ah lithium-ion battery module is now available for electric vehicles. The new modules range in size from 10 kWh to 15 kWh and are suitable for use alone or as part of a more comprehensive system.

The modules range from 6 to 12 kWh and are easily integrated into existing vehicle designs. The battery cells are connected via a high-performance printed circuit board. The PCB is specifically designed for this application, integrating all power electronics into a compact design that fits in any vehicle chassis.

Features of the 100 Ah lithium-ion battery module

The 100Ah lithium-ion battery module is a new energy storage device suitable for various applications. It has an energy density of 150 Wh/kg, meaning it can store up to 150 watt-hours per kilogram of weight. The unit measures 1.8m x 1.0m x 0.3m and weighs 80kg.

Its lifespan depends on how often you charge it and how much power it consumes; with proper use and maintenance during its lifespan, this battery should last at least ten years before replacing it. If there are frequent wear problems, there will be accidents during transportation!

Higher energy density than previous modules

This new 100 Ah battery module has a higher energy density than previous modules so you can expect more range. Lithium-ion batteries can store more power in the same amount of space as other types of battery technology, such as lead acid or nickel metal hydride (NiMH).

With more power comes more excellent range–the distance you can travel on a single charge before recharging your electric vehicle. This is fantastic news if you’re planning a long trip around town or even going out for dinner at night when public transport services don’t run very often due to low off-peak demand.

The release of the new 100Ah lithium-ion battery module!

This type of battery is designed for electric vehicles and is lightweight, durable, and cost-effective. The new 100 Ah lithium-ion battery module features a high energy density that enables it to store more power in less space than other types of batteries. Because of this feature, electric vehicles that use this battery can travel farther on one charge than those that use different car batteries.

In addition to its high energy density, another advantage offered by this new product is its long life span: it can last up to 8 years before needing replacement or refurbishment.* Its lifespan makes it ideal for commercial applications requiring frequent charging/discharging cycles.


The new 100Ah lithium-ion battery module meets the design and manufacture of modern electric vehicles. It has a high energy density, which means it can store energy in a small space. This means fewer modules per vehicle, allowing cars to travel greater distances.